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My name is Jonathan Poland. As a kid, I worked hard to emulate the great sports athletes of the time (e.g. MJ, Baggio, Agassi, Tiger), helping a clumsy kid with glasses become a 4 sport star. It was in my twenties that I was able to turn my passion for competition into a lifelong vocation.

August 2001, after my college startup failed and the dot com bubble burst, I moved to South Florida accepting a position that would eventually lead to becoming a licensed stockbroker. That first year, I used the skills I learned as a kid to model the best investment strategies I could – Fisher, Graham, and Buffett – taking their approach and building my own system using better technology.

A year later, I started writing research reports for other brokers, then to investors, which lead to advising executives, then to building businesses. Today, after more than 15 years of success and more than 40,000 hours analyzing and forecasting leading investments, I’ve developed a unique view into what works when it comes to generating better business and financial results. I’ve used this understanding to create new strategies to drive sales, profit, and market value client organizations since 2007. And, today these distinctions form the backbone for each of my services.

Business Advisor
I turn 40,000 hours of work in the capital markets into consulting and development services that empower business leaders with the insights and resources across every stage of the journey. From expertise on topics like strategy, innovation, technology, operations, talent, sales and marketing to management support and hands-on execution, I help business owners build their most important asset.

Real Estate Advisor
Outside of business ownership, real estate is best way to build wealth. Whether buying rental property, leasing office space, building development projects, or simply listing your home on the market, my job is to find and facilitate the best deal possible.

Investment Publisher
Since 2001, I’ve highlighted some very lucrative trades, stocks like BAC, AAPL, MCD, WHR, GS, AFL, collectively helping investors around the world see between 20 and 40% a year. There are no guarantees in the market, but by focusing on a specific set of business and financial characteristics it is possible to double your money every 3 to 5 years.

Career Highlights

  • Advised startups with capital raises of $250k-2m
  • Helped numerous companies achieve +200% growth
  • Trained and managed sales teams across 3 sectors
  • Sold energy solutions to Ricoh, Pepsico, UPS, ConAgra
  • Sold research to brokers @ Merrill, Morgan, Sterne
  • Created premium newsletters for
  • Coached over 100 sales and marketing professionals
  • Helped found, build, and manage many startups.
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