I’m Jonathan.

I help business leaders

drive economic progress.

AFTER more than 15 years of work across the capital markets, I’ve acquired a valuable set of skills and insights that allow me to help investors, entrepreneurs, and executives across virtually every industry, function, and geography.

In a similar fashion to how Tony Robbins studies the psychology of achievement, I study best practices of guru investors (e.g. Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Joel Greenblatt, David Tepper) and the companies that make them billions. Then, I spend my time analyzing, forecasting, and reverse engineering the key distinctions that separate the winners from the losers to provide a bridge between challenge and achievement across investing and business.

Since 2001, I’ve refined the best strategies used by top money managers into a system that consistently produces double digit annual gains. In the process my research has documented over 5,000% in total gains with a 73% accuracy rate, and has been used at some of the largest firms on Wall Street as well as affluent investors worldwide. These men and women gave me a chance to test and build my skills, and I am forever grateful.

Today, I run the membership for capitalists – a platform for economic progress. Through 40,000 hours of work a simple truth appeared. No, matter what “our” goals are, achieving them usually requires more capital than we have right now. That’s why I started thekeybridge

Jonathan Poland

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