About Me

My name is Jonathan Poland. and I’ve spent over 15 years analyzing and forecasting the world’s leading investments, publishing research and helping high net worth investors beat the market year after year with stocks like BAC, BA, MCD, AAPL, AFL, GS, and JOY, documenting total returns of more than 5,100 percent.

I’ve also owned, built, and advised businesses in more than a dozen industries, but everything always comes back to making good capital allocation decisions whether you’re building a business, buying real estate, or putting money in the stock market. And, the set of skills and strategies that I’ve accumulated help drive larger financial rewards.

Career Highlights

  • Advised startups with capital raises of $250k-2m
  • Helped numerous companies to +200% growth
  • Trained and managed sales teams across 3 sectors
  • Sold energy solutions to Ricoh, Pepsico, UPS, ConAgra
  • Co-developed curriculum for early childhood education
  • Created premium newsletters for
  • Coached over 30 leaders, 2 Fortune 1000 execs
  • Sold research to brokers @ Merrill, Morgan, Sterne

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Past Insights.

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