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May 2017

Podcast Episode #009

Podcast Episode #009 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

A heartfelt story about my life over the last 10 years and what helped shape it before the housing market bubble and crash.

Podcast Episode #008

Podcast Episode #008 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

Good Monday Morning.
A little stock market prediction
London home prices look cheap for Americans
WTF ransomeware…?!

Podcast Episode #006

Podcast Episode #006 1125 750 Jonathan Poland Play in new window | Download

Podcast Episode #005

Podcast Episode #005 1260 710 Jonathan Poland

Talking about capital allocation and delegation as a business leader. Play in new window…

Podcast Episode #004

Podcast Episode #004 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

How to build your business: invest in sales and marketing. Play in new window |…

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