Thoughts on Chipotle

The original fast casual chain, Chipotle virtually invented a whole new category of food delivery that a lot of others have since copied. Originality is still rewarded well. CMG trades at a 30x [...]

Methodology Matters

At its core, business has just two parts: investments and deliverables. The way we help is by finding, vetting, and delivering ideas that can produce better than market returns, whether for [...]

Email Lists

How is this still a topic of debate! Almost every company should attempt to build an email list. It remains the most effective way to sell online. A few stats: – 53% of emails are open on [...]

Why Real Estate?

Outside of owning public equities or a thriving business, real estate is the number one way to create wealth, secure your future, and leave a legacy for your family. You shouldn’t buy real estate [...]

Human Resources

Simply put, human resources are the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization. People capital is still how businesses compete and remain the most important part of growth. I [...]

Challenge Marketing

One of the best sales and marketing ideas for today’s audience is the challenger strategy. That is, rather than simply pushing narrative down the throats of the customer, companies can leverage [...]

Digital Media

Today’s internet connected world is moving faster than ever, yet so many businesses are adapting rather slowly. Technology doesn’t just get better over time without hardworking people pushing it [...]

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