I’m almost half-way to victory. Victory to me is living past the age of 75 years old. If you’re 75.001, you won. I know that as a species we are very good at setting and accomplishing goals. We say “let’s build something” and voilà – it gets built. This is the power of the human brain and connectivity. The first goal of life is to keep breathing. Or, is it procreation? Both perhaps.

If you thought it was some financial number, then let’s say you’re a millionaire at 30 or 40 or 50 and dead, what good was any of it? Now, all that being said, I find a lot of merit in building wealth. It’s one of the most noble things I human can aspire to achieve. Doing so requires (in most countries) adding value and serving others better and better. Few (if any) businesses still carry the same policies it had a decade or two ago.

Prepare for and lead change is the best advice anyone can give you. The following is some of the worst advice that I’ve ever heard, some of which I’ve taken.

Take your time.

This is the very worst advice anyone can take. People tend to give this advice in both business and love. Both of which are dumb as fuck, usually given by people that are in the heat of the moment, sometimes under stress that they themselves cannot explain or rationalize. Truth: Taking your time is not the same as being patient. Think of it like sport. If you can score 100 points in the first quarter, why take your time?

Parents love to say take your time when in a relationship, but maybe that’s tied to their own experiences with relationships. Bosses love to say take your time when it comes to career advancement, but if the company could realize a massive rise in profits, why would the owner(s) want to wait? Forget about taking your time. When someone tells you to take your time, be polite, but do the opposite. Listen to the 32 year old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg – move fast and break things. More importantly, have a criteria and once something fits it, pull the trigger. This is super important with love and relationships. Intuition in this category. Learn to recognize it through practice, and don’t be shy about going into the world.

Save your money.

This is bad advice, because saving money (especially at the current rate of interest) actually loses money. Putting money into savings alone isn’t going to help your money work for you. I love the Lil’ Wayne quote: “I’ve got the key to success; get money, invest.” Don’t save, spend, but spend on investments. Spend on assets. Accumulating assets is never a bad thing, but you gotta know the difference. If you want a savings account, buy a house. Until you need the downpayment (or purchase price) invest it in higher interest bearing assets. Remember that the S&P 500 typically generates 9% a year without any stock picking involved, it might be a more volatile number on the screen, but over time it’s a bigger number if you’re in it.

Be Careful.

Fuck that. Being careful means being tentative, which means mistakes. Mistakes are higher when you’re careful. One mistake is not taking action. Another mistake is taking action while looking both ways and behind. If you make a mistake, reflect on it and then move forward. Be present to take the lesson learned, so you can make decisions about what’s next; however, do not look back OR side to side. DO NOT be careful, be mindful, be tactful, be strategic, but “making sure to avoid potential danger, mishap, or harm” is an exercise in futility. Don’t get killed or do anything illegal is good advice. Be careful is fucking shit advice.

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