Author: JP

  • Money Ideas

    I spent nearly 20 years providing ideas to investors from across the capital markets. I’m really good at it, specifically analyzing business and market data to discern value from price. Being good at this means knowing if a company’s strategy is good or bad; if they innovate well or not; if the organizational structure and […]

  • Newsletter, No Ads?!

    I’m thinking of putting together a free newsletter or multiple newsletters at Key Bridge to bring expertise on B2B, B2C, and B2G to business leaders we reach out to. The problem is that I have built email lists in the past and the cost usually far outweighs to benefit. I could do this across our […]

  • Rick Rubin for Business Development

    Like a music producer works with the artist, I think there’s a market for doing the same thing with business leaders who either run their own business or manage a solid P and L. There are so many business networks, mastermind groups, expert networks, leadership networks, referral networks, investment networks, and all sorts of other […]

  • On Deck… a long term Bear Market

    If you haven’t already, could be time to get into cash. The next bear market will be long. Just one man’s outlook based on 20+ years of watching short ones filled with big time government spending. 2001 seemed long for stocks, but people were buying property. 2008 was over by the following holiday season with […]

  • 98 million people

    Coinbase has brought legitimacy to the crypto market, but with it shattered the entire premise as to why one should use it. Anonymous? Nope. To open a Coinbase account you have to jump through the same KYC hoops you do at any brokerage. Secure? Nah. Plenty of bitcoin, ethereum, and other coins have been hacked […]

  • Dollar Cost Average (in PLTR)

    Palantir offers transformational software for business and government use, both large a small. It’s the leader in terms of quality, value, and impact in my opinion. To that note, as with the rest of the market, it’s taken a hit. I originally wrote about it in October 2020 when the stock was hovering around $10 […]

  • If not me, then someone

    This is how I feel right now. I’m torn between two paths that I am close to equally confident about. I originally wanted to merge them and build one platform with services on the front end and a private membership on the back end. Maybe writing this will give me some clarity in my own […]

  • Procrasturbation

    I don’t know the last time I was able to take a nap on the couch. That’s not how this shows up for me.  How I view it is anything that pulls me away from doing what I must is procrasturbation. It’s not typically tied to porn, it generally manifests as learning or research or […]

  • What I Do

    I run a business development service called Key Bridge… where I help business leaders allocate capital to improve the quality of their investments, value of their deliverables, and impact in the market. To do that we focus on 8 core areas and a simple framework to test, adjust, and optimize results. More importantly, we operate […]

  • Heading in the Right Direction

    Over the weekend, I had a deep think about what I want to do with Key Bridge going forward. I have been hung up on a mental challenge for years and it’s put me in a position of complacency and drift. The issue has been fee structure. It’s not like the business has raw materials […]