Business Analysis Questionnaire

There are four areas of business analysis and a set of questions that provide a framework for better business development.

What do you sell?
What are your revenues? ($)
What does it cost to make? ($)
What are the overhead costs? ($)
What does an average employee earn? ($)
What is the total marketing budget? ($)
How often is equipment needed/bought?
How much debt does the business have? ($)
What is your total annual profit? ($)
What is the business’s gross margins? (%)
What is the business’s return on capital? (%)
What is the business’s 5 year growth rate (%)

What is the mission of the business?
How much time is spent daily on that goal?
How many hours a week do you work?
If you don’t show up on day, what happens?
Will the business help you achieve your goals?
What is your long-term plan for the business?
What are the high impact areas you focus on?
What are 5 questions you ask every client?
What are policies and procedures for operations?
How quickly can the business actually grow?
What are the requirements for each business area?
Do your employees perform their jobs consistently?
Would you say you’re proactive or reactive?
What does a typical meeting look like for you?
When you delegate tasks, how are they handled?

How many active clients do you have?
How many “dream” clients do you have?
What is the average profit from a new client?
What is the lifetime value of an average client?
What is your best source of new business?
What is the average transaction size?
How would you describe the sales cycle?
How would you describe your sales force?
How do you compensate your sales team?
What does a “top producer” earn monthly?
What is the hiring process for sales employees?
What is your sales pitch/presentation?
How many up sell items are available?
Percentage of buyers that cancel orders?
How does your customer service support sales?

What is your target market?
What is your niche your industry?
Who are your best buyers?
What is your competitive advantage?
What is the core story delivered to prospects?
Where do you advertise product/services?
Do you have a mobile responsive website?
What is your social engagement strategy?
What is your marketing process?
What is the conversion rate on ads?
How loyal are your customers?
Why do customers buy from you?
How do you use PR/media?

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