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  • Newsletter, No Ads?!

    I’m thinking of putting together a free newsletter or multiple newsletters at Key Bridge to bring expertise on B2B, B2C, and B2G to business leaders we reach out to. The problem is that I have built email lists in the past and the cost usually far outweighs to benefit. I could do this across our […]

  • Rick Rubin for Business Development

    Like a music producer works with the artist, I think there’s a market for doing the same thing with business leaders who either run their own business or manage a solid P and L. There are so many business networks, mastermind groups, expert networks, leadership networks, referral networks, investment networks, and all sorts of other […]

  • If not me, then someone

    This is how I feel right now. I’m torn between two paths that I am close to equally confident about. I originally wanted to merge them and build one platform with services on the front end and a private membership on the back end. Maybe writing this will give me some clarity in my own […]

  • Thought Experiment

    Business is an infinite game. Keeping a company alive and growing as a sustainable entity is the game. Leaders compete on the field of capital allocation and these are levels of success based on how frequently a company can generate a million dollars in revenue during the year. Levels. Yearly… $1,000,000  Monthly… $12,000,000  Weekly… $52,000,000  […]

  • The Art of Saying No

    I have too many ideas and not enough capital. I want to simultaneously build two different kind of services that run concurrently. I don’t know how to combine them and have been floating for nearly two years. While others used the pandemic to do something positive, I let fear get the best of me. Granted, […]

  • It can be a lonely life…

    Building a business is not the life most people should choose. I don’t want to say that it’s been a calling for me for 20+ years, but that’s kind of the way I feel. I started a business at 19 in college and after building a basic product couldn’t get it funded. A couple years […]