Category: Market Insights

  • On Deck… a long term Bear Market

    If you haven’t already, could be time to get into cash. The next bear market will be long. Just one man’s outlook based on 20+ years of watching short ones filled with big time government spending. 2001 seemed long for stocks, but people were buying property. 2008 was over by the following holiday season with […]

  • 98 million people

    Coinbase has brought legitimacy to the crypto market, but with it shattered the entire premise as to why one should use it. Anonymous? Nope. To open a Coinbase account you have to jump through the same KYC hoops you do at any brokerage. Secure? Nah. Plenty of bitcoin, ethereum, and other coins have been hacked […]

  • Bitcoin is the largest Ponzi ever

    I’ve written a lot about cryptocurrency (still a misnomer) and you can read from the list below. At one point, I really did like the idea of digital assets and in some cases it still makes sense, just not a the prices people are paying right now. Crypto Will Not Save The World The Crypto […]

  • House of Sand

    Today’s economy seems to be a massive sand castle, beautiful and eloquent and elaborate. I’ve already lived through the 1987, 2001, and 2008 crashes. Each had its own unique reason and as a society we seemingly came back stronger, wealthier, and better off. I’m not so sure. Yes, have more millionaires and billionaires than ever […]