Similar Goals, Opposite Outcomes

Similar Goals, Opposite Outcomes 150 150 JP

Looking objectively at the world without my hammer, I believe both socialism (and communism) and capitalism want the same end, to advance the greater good. The question is why has communism/socialism ended so badly everywhere it was tried and capitalism was an incredible success? And, don’t even get me started on the lack of historical perspective many people have when regurgitating the propaganda from either side. The fact is that more capitalism (e.g. individual freedom) gives the world a better more prosperous society where socialism (e.g. government control) produces horrible outcomes. Same goals, different outcomes. 

Conflating Ideas

Conflating Ideas 150 150 JP

Society is complex and the United States is not one thing or another. It’s not capitalistic that’s for sure. It might be 32% capitalist and those individuals are trying to make the country better, but they also have to play the cards they’re dealt. That means, navigating the rules and regulations imposed by the state. The state is socialistic by nature and now that it has its hand it everything and in a big way, individual rights and voluntary exchange have taken a back seat big time America is more like China only we get a new top figurehead every 4 to 8 years and thankfully we have legal rights to protect free speech and expression. For now. 

The following is a great video illustrating how some communists turn socialistic policies into failures of capitalism.

This is the biggest problem with conflating ideas. Failing to understand the difference between policy or regulation that provides more power to the state hence less freedom to individuals, yet seeing it as capitalism and to some extent capitalists are to blame for the outcomes of these policies. Also, it always baffles me how few people who talk about the history before capitalism, however limited it may have been allowed to flourish. That’s a topic for another day.