The Abundance of Overpriced Stocks

The Abundance of Overpriced Stocks 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

Many stocks may look like bargains, but in reality are value traps, especially going into…

The Search for the next Home Depot

The Search for the next Home Depot 940 530 Jonathan Poland

900,000 percent gain over 40 years… I’ll take it. It’s amazing how little financial pundits…

Inequality is not the Problem

Inequality is not the Problem 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

NOTE: I am not talking about equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of…

Future of Real Estate

Future of Real Estate 1132 750 Jonathan Poland

Real Estate is one of the sectors that hasn’t been completely disrupted by technology. People…

The Next Warren Buffett

The Next Warren Buffett 2000 1333 Jonathan Poland

It’s funny to me that when someone is the best at what they do, other…

Paying Over 20x Earnings

Paying Over 20x Earnings 1000 750 Jonathan Poland

Sitting here on my couch at around 5pm reading Warren Buffett’s latest letter to shareholders,…

The Case for Home Ownership

The Case for Home Ownership 1260 709 Jonathan Poland

Low interest rates have made owning a home more affordable than ever, yet ownership across…

What does it mean to build assets?

What does it mean to build assets? 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

An asset can be almost anything of value, but for the purpose of this post,…

Future of Money Management

Future of Money Management 1249 750 Jonathan Poland

Even with the number of mediocre money managers in the world, there are a lot…

Why Invest In Stocks?

Why Invest In Stocks? 1125 750 Jonathan Poland

Over the last 100 years, the Dow Jones Industrials have risen created 213x return. $97…

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging 700 340 Jonathan Poland

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me post a chart on Foot Locker…

Residential Real Estate Strategy

Residential Real Estate Strategy 940 627 Jonathan Poland

Real Estate is a feast or famine business. It’s all commission, so you have a…


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