Customer Acquisition #2

Customer Acquisition is senior to everything else in business, and with the increased number of commercial messages hitting potential customers, it’s only getting more expensive to be mediocre.

For us, there are two types of customer acquisition; leads and sales. Today, building a list or community is more important because even if the first or fortieth interaction doesn’t result in a sale, if the

There’s a ton of ways to drive acquisition. SEO to get found organically, paid advertising, and outbound contact. Cold email or DM’ing has replaced cold calling, but is still the cheapest and potentially most effective if your good at it. That’s a big IF that sales trainers have capitalized on for years.

The Internet is clearly the fastest way to drive interest and generate leads or sales, but offline, storefronts, mailings, door knocking, and networking events (e.g. parties, meetups, trade shows, etc.) are all great ways to find customers as well.


In the end, to grow you will have to spend money to make money, either by hiring or marketing or both. Execution is king. Here are a few ideas.

  • Find relevant content on social and comment
  • Increase Engagement from Unopened Emails
  • Update and Republish Old Content for a Ranking Boost
  • Aligning Search Intent to Content Upgrades
  • Integrations with Other Products
  • Industry, Feature & Location Pages
  • Acquire a Website and Migrate its Content
  • Pay to Email Someone Else’s Subscriber List
  • Create Co-Branded Content and Share out the Leads
  • Build an Inherently Viral Mechanism into your Product
  • Seed Engagement Metrics on Facebook Ads
  • Boost audience on Instagram / Twitter posts
  • Set up an Affiliate Program
  • Split Test Paid Keyword-Level Conversion Rate
  • Answer Quora Questions
  • Build Freemium Offerings for Lead Generation
  • Publish Articles on Relevant Market Sites
  • Republish Content to Medium
  • Content Flipping
  • Free Trials, Freemium account
  • Build a Social Community
  • Webinars, Live Online Events
  • Drive Traffic To a Chat on Your website
  • Map Locations of your Potential Customers
  • Topic-Segmented Email Nurturing Workflows
  • Build a Small-Scale Influencer Referral Program

There are so many ways to drive customer acquisition.  Very few businesses can get away with not spending any money to grow their audience, thus what matters is how much you spend to gain a customer and what the average lifetime value of your customers are versus that cost.

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