Napoleon Hill wrote one of the most influential psychology books ever published, Think and Grow Rich. In it, Hill provides anecdotes of success and failure and illustrates just how thinking a certain way lends itself to acquiring goals. Chapter 15 of the book is dedicated to the ghosts of fear: poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death.

Yet, it was in a recently published book, Outwitting the Devil, that had lied dormant for years that he truly speaks about fear. In the book, he interviews the Devil and explains how good and evil are simply positive and negative or rather fear and faith.

Fear is the negative side of you
Faith is the positive side of you

When you audit your actions, you find which one controls you and for the majority of us, it’s fear. That’s true whether you want to believe or admit to it or not. The question is: are there more success stories from people who get what they want, or more failure stories of those who went through life not getting what they want. The law of attraction or “the Secret” is not based on positivity alone. You get what you think about, not what you want… unless they happen to be the same. In that case, I’d wager that faith played a big part.

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