If not me, then someone

This is how I feel right now. I’m torn between two paths that I am close to equally confident about. I originally wanted to merge them and build one platform with services on the front end and a private membership on the back end. Maybe writing this will give me some clarity in my own mind because I really think there’s a need for a business development service that can bring together helpers and clients.

The idea is similar to Bloomberg but instead of the front end being content and media driven, it would be built on micro-consulting. There are others that do this with research, GLG, Forrester, Gartner but each of them sells to big businesses that have both the money to spend on multiple different insights and the ability to hire the best consultants in the world. Small businesses don’t have that luxury, and instead have to piecemeal together from freelancers on sites like UpWork, Guru, Fiverr. This is why I think there’s a place for a new service.

Convenience and time savings is a huge spending motivator.  And, in business delegating tasks to others is the whole name of the game for leaders. Working harder and smarter?! That’s bullshit. Rather, that’s par for the course. You have to get people to do things for you that you can’t or won’t or don’t have time to do yourself. People are the most important piece of capital because that’s the reason businesses are built. What has happened in the last decade is that companies have been created to bring people together for all types of niche markets, using their homes or cars or skills as deliverables. But, there is still a layer that isn’t being addressed. Maybe I’m wrong…