The following are some
of my favorite resources.



the best screener for new ideas


market data, insights and analysis


follow the world’s best money managers


follow world’s best financial analysts

Edgar Database

find and read public company reports

Mises Institute

economic theory for the real world


great company and industry analysis


where I get most of my financial news


my favorite videos from the platform


much more than just WallStBets


unfiltered commentary on the economy


The Little Book

that Beats the Market. by Joel Greenblatt

Human Action

by Ludwig von Mises

Poor Charlie’s Almanack

by Peter D. Kaufman

How an Economy Grows

and Why it Crashes. by Peter Schiff

The Daily Drucker

by Peter F. Drucker

Zero to One

by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

The Master Key System

by Charles F. Haanel

Awaken the Giant Within

by Anthony Robbins

How to Pick Stocks

like Warren Buffett. by Timothy Vick

Financial Statements

with Warren Buffett. by Mary Buffett


The Unknown Ideal. by Ayn Rand

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Artificial Intelligence

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What is Complex Sales?

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Latent Need

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Customer is Always Right

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Types of Fail Safe

A fail-safe is a mechanism or system that is designed to prevent…