It’s been coming for a while and now with the ubiquitousness of the internet thanks to smart phones in the hands of virtually everyone on the planet, the new business revolution is finally upon us.

My thoughts:

People will still watch television
People will still listen to the radio
People will still want more convenience

Advertising will still be annoying, but marketing works. There’s no question that people are influenced by commercial messages that they pay attention to, but that’s the key.

Consumers are just not paying attention to most traditional marketing messages. Thus, those companies are wasting a ton of money trying to reach people – they’re losing.

The Internet is still not being fully utilized, yet people spend 50% or more of their time online. There’s a massive shift happening RIGHT NOW and in the next 20 years new entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 will push out the older generation that aren’t using the Internet.

QuestionHow is your business handling this? 

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