Methodology Matters

At its core, business has just two parts: investments and deliverables.

The way we help is by finding, vetting, and delivering ideas that can produce better than market returns, whether for business or investment purposes. Doing so requires a fair amount of time spent reading with the right mental framework. Every investor on Wall Street looks at the same basic data set, yet what separates the Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt’s of the world from everyone else is the way they analyze the data.

Information is only potential power. My advantage is built on the methodology we use in business analysis. Investment analysis is the same way. And, both rely on being really good at capital allocation to win. My job is to help members create better playbooks and equip them with insights to make better decisions.

– Make the right moves at the right time
– Learn from peers and experts anonymously
– Connect with deal-flow and business development ops

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