Pollution & Treatment Controls

Pollution & Treatment Controls

Pollution & Treatment Controls Jonathan Poland

The pollution treatment industry involves the use of various technologies and techniques to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of pollution on the environment. Manufacturers of equipment for pollution control including control systems, waste disposal systems, treatment processes, filtration systems, cleaning and separation, recovery systems and recycling machinery. Pollution treatment is an important field, as it helps to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of pollution. There are many different companies and organizations involved in the pollution treatment industry, and they use a range of technologies and methods to achieve their goals. Some of the key technologies used in pollution treatment include filtration, sedimentation, and chemical precipitation, among others.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Evoqua Water Technologies
  • Zurn Elkay Water Solutions
  • Federal Signal Corporation
  • Energy Recovery Inc.
  • PureCycle
  • CECO Environmental
  • Perma-Pipe International

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