Property Investments for Business Leaders

Dear Business Owners,

There is not a more noble pursuit in life than owning and building your own business. However, unless you’re running a major corporation able to reinvest at scale, the truth is you’ll have to take money out of the business and put it into other asset classes.

For over 15 years, I’ve helped investors build equity holdings in the stock market and their own businesses, but that’s not for everyone. The beauty of real estate is that timing is much less of a factor, especially if you plan on buying to earn income. And, that’s exactly what I want you to do, whether we do business or not.

In the Washington, DC metro area we have one of the most stable housing markets in the world. That’s one thing you thank the government for, because high salaried professionals want to live in the area.

However, most are going to be renters.
That’s why you want to be an owner. 

For example, had you bought a row house on Capitol Hill where I live just ten years ago, you would have likely doubled your money and be earning 12% a year on your initial investment, leasing it out. Go back 20 years, and the interest income jumps to 35%. More importantly, you still have a valuable asset that is unlikely to depreciate over the long-term.

My prediction is that over the next 10 years we’ll have a meltdown on Wall Street again, but rental income will rise, and more people will move into DC, and that’s where you want to own. Rental income and long-term capital appreciation is exactly what you want.

Look, if we would have met 15 years ago after the dot come bubble bust, I would have told you to buy stocks, but with years of experience under my belt, buying hard assets for income remains one of the best ways to build wealth.

With that in mind, let’s talk.

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