REIT – Hotel and Motel

REIT – Hotel and Motel

REIT – Hotel and Motel Jonathan Poland

Real Estate Investment Trusts that acquire, develop, manage, and dispose of lodging properties including full- and limited- service hotels and motels. The hotel and motel industry involves the ownership, operation, and management of hotels and motels, which are properties that provide temporary lodging to travelers and other guests. The industry includes a range of hotel and motel properties, from luxury hotels and resorts to budget motels and inns. Hotel and motel companies may be independent or part of a larger chain, and may provide a range of services and amenities, such as restaurants, fitness centers, and meeting rooms. The industry is closely tied to the broader hospitality and tourism sectors and can be affected by factors such as consumer spending, travel trends, and economic conditions.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Host Hotels & Resorts
  • Ryman Hospitality
  • Apple Hospitality
  • Park Hotels & Resorts
  • Four Corners Property Trust
  • Sunstone Hotel Investors
  • Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
  • RLJ Lodging Trust
  • DiamondRock Hospitality

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