REIT – Industrial

REIT – Industrial

REIT – Industrial Jonathan Poland

Real Estate Investment Trusts that acquire, develop, manage, and dispose of industrial properties including warehouses, self-storage facilities, distribution facilities, and other light industrial facilities. The industry involves the ownership, operation, and management of industrial properties, which are buildings and other structures that are used for manufacturing, production, storage, and distribution. Industrial property companies may own and operate a range of industrial properties, from warehouses and factories to distribution centers and research and development facilities. The industry is closely tied to the broader economy and can be affected by factors such as economic growth, employment rates, and consumer spending.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Prologis
  • Public Storage
  • Extra Space Storage
  • Rexford Industrial Realty
  • Cubesmart
  • Life Storage
  • Americold Realty
  • EastGroup Properties
  • First Industrial Realty
  • STAG Industrial

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