Retirement 150 150 JP

Nothing is more ludicrous than assuming you need the same amount of money in retirement that you needed while you were working and raising a family.

That said, inflation will likely erode the rest of your purchasing power anyway if you’re on a fixed income, so it may be worth downsizing your home (if you own it) and putting that cash into dividend producing equities or bonds.

I personally don’t think anyone actually wants to retire, they just want to do other things aside from work in their current role. Some people want to do nothing but read and watch streaming all day, great. If that’s fulfilling, do it.

If I did that, at some point in week 17 I’d have to start thinking up new ideas. Even if I failed at everything I tried AFTER retirement, I would have to try stuff because my brain would be bored.

I’m not building my business to retire, rather to use throughout my life to fulfill my needs and wants and possibly other endeavors. Of course, that means risking the safety net as an old man not working the steady paycheck route, which my not have been the right idea when I get to 65.