Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses

I’m trying to get better, always.

Sometimes, I write too much. Ideas and insights that I see around me or from what I’m reading at the time. This hinders action at times, and I justify it by saying that I’m simply sharpening the ax. This post may not add any value to anyone else but me, but fuck it.

Some of my greatest skills are business analysis, economic theory, math, problem solving, thinking on my feet, modeling best practices, communication, brevity, patience, creativity, thinking outside the box, clear visualization, ability to see both sides of a point objectively, identify undervalued opportunities, being able to make decisions, and among others, being able to grasp general broad level concepts quickly.

Weaknesses include procrastination (my worst), managing people, task completion, lack of focus, sympathy for excuses, perfection seeking (another way to procrastinate), lack of action around priorities. In a sense just doing this exercise is a form of procrastination. Yet, what I am wondering and maybe I haven’t put the time in to figure this out yet… What is going to get me passionate again?

When I’m on fire with an idea or inspiration, I have done some pretty incredible things. I want desperately to get back to that point.

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