Starry, an ISP Startup that Looks Awesome

After my recent issue with Xfinity by Comcast, where I was out of service for 13 days because the tech crews wouldn’t climb up the pole and fix the cable cord. Finally, 3rd time was the charm, but Starry looks like it could be the next change agent for this industry.

I pay $92/month plus taxes for 125mbps download, ~ 5mbps upload. Starry promises No gimmicks, no temporary promos, no hardware costs, and no hidden fees. They’re looking to deliver 200 by 200 Mbps of high speed Internet for only $50 a month, and (I think) give you a beautiful router to boot.

It’s got the sexy look of a Nest, but the hope of a better internet experience. My hope is that more companies take on the giant’s like Verizon and Comcast (now buying Charter) to continue pushing prices down, and options up.

Visit the Starry website to learn more

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