Anxiety 150 150 JP

If you have anyone in your life (as I do) who experience high levels of anxiety (disorder) there are certain events that stick with you. The culmination of experiences over the last two decades has made my mind tougher than I could have ever imagined, especially since my father died. It’s also shown me the power of mindset and what you say to yourself is the most important thing. People close to me suffer with anxiety that I could never have imagined growing up and while it may be just an excuse not to deal with root causes and feelings, it doesn’t make the actual actions around it any less severe. Some people make you feel their anxiety without even realizing it.  They have things that they need to do to feel less anxious and then if you don’t do them also, it’s a big deal to them. Maybe you don’t have anyone in your life like that. I do. Of course, that’s not how they see it either, and that’s when the problem comes up. We’re managing.