Big Tech

Want a better life? Watch YouTube.

Want a better life? Watch YouTube. 150 150 JP

The old saying that you’ll never see the sunset traveling east is a strong metaphor to changing life. YouTube has hours upon hours of content that provide excellent strategies and tactics to build skills in any area of your life. I mean, the content is endless. Want to learn anything, YouTube. Want a better life, watch YouTube. Of course, the possibility of endless procrastination also exists. As in life, you have to make choices about what you focus on. At the same time, YouTube helps you out with its algorithm that pushes more and more stuff to the front around the areas/ideas/videos you’ve already been viewing.

This may be unnecessary if you already have an idea or list of things you want to learn. It’s not if you can start being curious in one positive area and let it lead you onward. At the end of the day, big tech may be “shadow banning” content creators or the market may just not want what they’re producing anymore. Maybe society is tired of all the garbage and division and want more puppies and cats, great. Rather the latter. Want to deal with the depression from focusing on all that trash? YouTube it and then take action. Many people know what to do and fail to do it. I’m one of them in certain areas of my life, so no judgement from me. This is a note to self.