Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust? 150 150 JP

It does seem that if you actually look all around you and open your eyes, the house of cards come crumbling down. Maybe that’s not where to place the comma… In any event, last week Michael Sussman, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, was indicted by the FBI for lying about information related to Russiagate, which sent the agency on a wild goose chase. It didn’t hurt Trump during that election cycle; however, it fueled the fire into this past one. I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton, so no skin in the game from that standpoint. I do live in DC and do not want my city and country to implode into civil war. That would suck. I also don’t want to see our country devolve into anarchy like Michael Malice would push for. Government is a key to society. Restrictions to size should have been built into the constitution better. It might not have mattered. What we don’t have are good capital allocators in the system… AT ALL. The entire Federal Government could likely be run better with 1/10th the workforce (outside of military) maybe 1/20th. There are too many laws on the books. There are too little apologies for wrongdoing by politicians. There is a lot of fear and finger pointing. All signs of a big bloated government, in my opinion socialistic in nature. Review the history on communist Russia for more. There is so much debt and poor fiscal financial responsibility that we’re in a pattern leading to a Japan style economic holding pattern for coming decades. We have a lot of influential individuals that you just cannot trust. And, that is the product of a big bloated government system. Yet, regardless of your party affiliation, you keep voting for bigger, more bloated, government that you trust less and less.

Okay, I’m done.
Take Care…