Happiness, Skill, or Opportunity?

Happiness, Skill, or Opportunity? 150 150 JP

What to focus on? Do what makes you happy; or, do what you’re skilled at; or, work where the opportunities are… those are the biggest questions for young people and old people alike. At least, if I think about my own life, as I get older having worked with business leaders of all ages these are the three categories to think about when looking for work. Work… that old chestnut. That chore you do to acquire capital, money in 2021 terms.

On a side note, what do you think came before money and modern society? I doubt many people think about living standards today, but in the not so distant future, they sucked. Living standards were so fucking horrible just over 100 years ago and that it was the advent of our big oil generation that allowed for all the new shit we have to be ungrateful about, or worse, hold in contempt. Sorry for the language, it’s just annoying when people seemingly think the “capitalist” class is exploiting the working class.

Work, for most people in the civilized world is at will. Meaning, you can leave at anytime because you’re not beholden to the company. The reason capitalism works better than anything else is because every person is generally taking action that is in their own self interests, as human nature demands. Also, it’s hilarious to think that the capitalists (e.g. business owners) don’t also work hard, take on much greater risk, and in most circumstances, eat last. Lest we forget that both terms socialist and capitalist came from the same mad man, Karl Marx. Liberals just co-opted capitalism and turned it into a term for good, in most cases using Marx’s own logic to prove as such.

That said, work is a chore. Humans desire leisure. We’ve been fortunate (at least in the first world) to have capitalists fund ideas allowing us to capture more leisure and greater comforts than ever before in recorded history. Maybe between the time before ancient history was written and the end of dinosaurs there was some super advanced civilization that got off the planet never to be heard from again. Alas, in 2021 AD we are at the height of human civilization and despite all the fucking fear mongering, life is pretty damn good. It’s so good that we have the ability to choose to do what you love and do what makes you happy when that was not even in the conversation just a few decades ago.

So, what’s it going to be? Pursue happiness, follow your skills, or chase opportunities? If these all align, you get people like Michael Jordan or Jay-Z or Picasso or Steve Jobs. That’s the sweet spot; however, if these align most coaching kids little league, you’re probably going to need an income from your other skills. Remember, there are many things that can make you happy and usually the highest level skills are tied to things that you like or used to like; and there are usually opportunities somewhere in the middle.