Covid + History

Covid + History 150 150 JP

We’re on the wrong side of history with this. The New York Times ran an article called The Covid Fable on October 8th. The first sentence was telling of the whole virus vaccine movement. “When we treat Covid as a simple morality play, we can end up making bad predictions.” This is the same thing I think about many of the fear mongering propaganda spewed across the world.

Americans seems to be especially susceptible to this crap. People that think we’re permanently messing up the planet are the same type of negative that want to push Covid fear down your throat. First off, we’re not killing the planet and we’re not killing each other because of climate change. That’s just not the truth from the data. Sorry if that doesn’t sit well with your cognitive bias. That’s just data. Life is getting better on earth for humans. The real threat is more likely to be the Taurid Meteor Stream earth passes through twice a year. Some future October or November is bound to have a significant impact on our entire civilization’s way of life.

But, let’s stay on topic…

Covid has taken a lot of lives around the world. There have been 239 million cases globally, 45 million here in the United States. Out of those cases, 4.87 million deaths globally with nearly 735,000 here at home, currently. We’re actually doing better here (statistically) than around the world; however, it seems like the world has moved on. And even if the rest of the world hasn’t, the dire predictions made over and over since the beginning were so completely horrifically wrong, that it’s time we all did move on.

Here’s a little fact of life.
You’re going to die.

In the case of Covid deaths, yes there are plenty of people dying at young ages, but the average age of people dying from the virus is higher than the average life expectancy. So… what gives here? Fear. People are fucking scared. I’m one of them. Not for me, for my son. I have the vaccine, which is not a vaccine at all it seems. He doesn’t. I understand why Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal don’t want to take it. They have the privilege to make that decision even if it could be destructive to their livelihood. Most people are now required to take the vaccine or get tested, which if you know anything about government rules, they are not typically rolled back.

Everything the United States has done and continues to do is only pushing us further onto the wrong side of history.  It makes me sad. The Washington Post estimated that daily caseloads in the U.S. could reach 300,000 back in August, higher than ever before and we peaked at closer to 166,000. In The New York Times, an epidemiologist predicted that cases would rise in September because children were going back to school. Cases fell.

It’s time to come to our senses.