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Ready to Question Your Reality?

Ready to Question Your Reality? 150 150 JP

The following videos with Donald Hoffman and Robin Hanson are possibly the most thought provoking from Lex, especially in terms of humanity, our place in the universe, even reality itself. In total it’s 8 hours of play time. Thankfully, each is broken down into different segments and timestamped on the video.

Two interesting insights…

  1. Your conscious brain is not the king of your mind. Instead your conscious mind is just a press secretary making up stories to justify actions, avoid accusations, staying within ritualistic norms, et al.
  2. The world we see with our eyes is completely detached from objective reality and is nothing more than a GUI. Fitness > Truth and close to zero probability to survive not see reality.

Okay! This gets super deep from conversations that were not influenced by drugs at all.