Oil & Gas Integrated

Oil & Gas Integrated

Oil & Gas Integrated Jonathan Poland

The oil and gas integrated industry encompasses companies that are involved in the full range of activities involved in the exploration, extraction, production, transportation, and refining of oil and natural gas. These companies are often referred to as “integrated” because they are involved in every stage of the oil and gas value chain, from exploration and drilling to refining and marketing. Some of the largest and most well-known integrated oil and gas companies include ExxonMobil, Chevron, and BP. These companies typically have large and diverse operations that span multiple countries and continents. In addition to their core exploration and production activities, many of these companies also have significant refining and marketing operations, as well as a range of other businesses such as petrochemical manufacturing and renewable energy. Because of their scale and scope, integrated oil and gas companies play a major role in the global economy and are among the largest and most powerful corporations in the world.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Shell
  • TotalEnergies
  • Equinor
  • BP
  • Petro Brazil
  • Eni (Italy)
  • Imperial Oil
  • Suncor
  • Cenovus
  • Ecopetrol

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