REIT – Office

REIT – Office

REIT – Office Jonathan Poland

Real Estate Investment Trusts that acquire, develop, manage, and dispose of office buildings, complexes, and centers. The office property industry involves the ownership, operation, and management of office properties, which are buildings or structures that are used for the purpose of conducting business. Office property companies may own and operate a range of office properties, from skyscrapers and office towers to standalone office buildings and co-working spaces. The industry is closely tied to the broader economy and can be affected by factors such as employment rates, business activity, and economic conditions.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Alexandria Real Estate Equities
  • Boston Properties
  • Killroy Realty
  • Vornado Realty Trust
  • Cousins Properties
  • Highwoods Properties
  • Equity Commonwealth
  • Elme Communities

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