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Justice for All Starts with Smaller Government

Justice for All Starts with Smaller Government 150 150 JP

While there is no greater evidence of the ineptitude of big government than the current concurrent crises, the one thing I don’t see or hear are cries to limit its power overall. Instead we just need the right people in charge! I am not hopeful that we will ever get a smaller government without an absolute collapse. That is not likely to happen in my lifetime barring some miracle where foreign governments decide not to print money when times get tough.

Good luck with that.

The larger the government, the worse off the people of that nation are — plain and simple. The reason is that there is far less value in a monopolistic entity with zero competition than one that has to compete with others. In a weird way, the guys who put the United States together figured it out. They wanted small government with limited powers at the federal level, mainly just to protect the states and leaving them to compete for citizens so to speak.