The Art of Saying No

I have too many ideas and not enough capital. I want to simultaneously build two different kind of services that run concurrently. I don’t know how to combine them and have been floating for nearly two years. While others used the pandemic to do something positive, I let fear get the best of me. Granted, it helped my family life as my wife and I welcomed our first born. Maybe there was no other way it could have happened.

I know some people think about what they can or should say Yes to, but in my case, it’s what I need to say no on. The multitude of ideas and maybe the reason that I see so many is because of fear. I can admit that. I keep breaking down and overanalyzing  because of fear. I know what I must do, and still have not done it.

The art of saying no is not a positive reality in my book, it’s a tool for procrastination. I don’t have so many options in terms of people handing me cash and have to turn down the majority of them, but that’s how my brain makes it feel when each idea could be very very big. Especially, when I future pace what’s possible on the good side. Maybe that’s what is scary…