The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink 150 150 JP

I think in haiku at times. Short lists, not necessarily poetic in nature, unless you think business and financial talk is sexy. The following is a long list of ideas and lists and more ideas and questions that have been the backbone of my thinking on Key Bridge. In the next year, I have a lot of work to do. I took some time off admittedly at the wrong time, but am happy with the direction everything is going now.

To build a global network of business leaders, privately owned residences, and CXO’s helping allocate capital to build better assets and tackle global challenges that advance the greater good. (ambiguous?)

Keep It Super Simple
One membership fee to join
Annual fees (maybe waived?)
Additional fees based on value added
Hire CXO’s to work with members
Build network of “Residences”

1. through Challenges
2. through Invitation
3. open to all…?

Advance capitalism
By challenge capitalists
To build better assets
Which drive progress

Ideal scenario?
1. Work off my phone or tablet
2. Work anywhere I can need want
3. Work (mostly) with people I want
4. Allow employees to do the same

Daily Work…
Reach out to business owners
Get their expertise on their industry
Organize the knowledge on KB site
Will they want to share? And why?
Share expertise and experiences.

Ultimate Vision?
1. Own a network of residences worldwide
2. Own a portfolio of market beating equities
3. Help business leaders build better assets
4. Advance capitalism. Support capitalists.

What are the deliverables…
* any benefit that is delivered by us or a third party
* any value added result delivered to the client
* any advice delivered by a third-party
* any product or service provided by a third party
* any capital resource (money, labor, etc.) provided by a third party
* any connection delivered by us to a third party

What we do?
* Curate Analysis, Resources, Connections
* Consult on unlimited business matters
* Find and facilitate opportunities, deal flow
* Help improve quality, value, impact
* Business is just investments and deliverables
* Create initiatives. Build + Manage projects
* Advise leaders, build businesses.
* Bridge gaps between challenge/achievement
* Consult at every level of business development
* Consult from the executive suite to front lines
* Use business analysis to build initiatives for members

What we believe?
1. business is the lifeblood of progress
2. capitalists are the driving force
3. building better assets = progress

Areas of Business
(where we help)

1. Strategy
2. Innovation
3. Operations
4. Organization
5. Technology
6. Narrative (Sales/Marketing)
7. Finance
8. Risk
9. Outliers

Business is…
1. Investments
2. Deliverables
3. Accounting (wa wa)

* Test, Adjust, Optimize
* Impact, Quality, Value
* Advisor, Agent, Advocate
* Allocate Capital (what we do)

Why us…
1. Action > Analysis
2. Test, Adjust, Optimize (anything)
3. Improve quality of investments
4. Improve value of deliverables
5. Improve impact in marketplace
6. Build better assets
7. Tackle global challenges
8. Advance the greater good
9. Business analysis = better advisory

How to win?
1. Master the fundamentals
2. Adjust to market changes
3. Allocate capital at scale
4. Improve quality, value, impact
5. Test, adjust, optimize everything possible

Test new strategic
ideas and plans

Adjust current strategies
for stronger efficacy

Optimize the strategies
that work best to scale

Improve the quality of
strategic investments

Improve the value of
strategic deliverables

Improve strategic impact
in the marketplace

How we win?
1. Having members that want to and can win (above)
2. Bridge the gaps for accelerated results
3. Allocating member fees to new ideas for progress.
4. DADA: Decision, Action, Data, Analysis (repeat)
5. Partnering with local businesses to protect and grow

What do “others” give their members?
curated programming and content
broker interactions, p2p
library of content, archives
mostly fluff built on content
content is mostly fluff as well
some is probably actionable insights
some do shit like projects, placements
meetings are for networking (?)
insights are for actions or influence
projects for initiatives (likely money and influence)
most say they’re impartial… (hmmm)
some (CoreClub) have a physical location
some give experiences: food, travel, events
some are concierges for life management
building relationships with members seems priority
business growth via relationships and information

Quality, Value, Impact
Test, Adjust, Optimize
Analysis, Resources, Connections
8 areas of business
Unlimited topics

Front end, business development resource
Slowly but surely build out and get attention
Make it something people want to work on
No hype. No ads. No commissions. No upsells.
All resource, membership is never mentioned on site…
Build a platform that can be used to sell whatever we want!
Business is the lifeblood of progress. We…
We bridge the gaps… we find and facilitate
Why? Learn, Share, Profit, Progress
Why? Advance capitalism… the greater good.
What? Network of business leaders
What? Better assets = better world
Improve Quality, Value, Impact across key value drivers.
Test, Adjust, Optimize for VAR.
VAR = Value Added Results
Triple A: Advisor, Agent, Advocate
Action > Conversation

How to be different?
Allocate capital better (TAO)
Improve existing orgs (QVI)
Austrian economics
Local > Global … local communities, globally.
Advancing capitalistic ideals
Supporting capitalist endeavors
Curating the world’s knowledge to build better assets
Value Added Results
Tap into expert networks for work with our members
We turn thought leadership into results with members
Smaller network, larger value per member
Employees are CXO’s not directors or consultants
We do not have Chapters, we have Residences
We operate as one membership, not local franchises
We do not hold meetings or events gratuitously

Very few businesses grow from $1 million to $10+ million in sales, regardless of what they offer. That’s why those companies get most of the money. That’s why people have to / should / must invest in other assets that create steady interest.

All leaders play on the field of capital allocation, that’s where the competition is and include people, info, resources, cash, etc. Success is built by mastering the fundamentals, allocating capital at scale, and adjusting to market changes. Leaders can do this by extracting maximum value from their decisions.

We Can…
We can advise leaders.
We can build businesses.
We can build a marketplace.
We can build a platform.
We can allocate capital.
We can work with businesses
We can work with individuals.
We can advance capitalism.
We can support capitalists.

Allocation Service (if)
You have an idea, problem, etc.
You have a dollar amount budgeted
You hire us to allocate that capital for a fee
You send us the capital OR earmark it
We take that allocation, use it to get a result
Whatever that result is… business related.

Membership Service (if)
You pay the annual fee to be able to put us to work
We take the annual fee and fund certain areas of research
We issue challenges to improve quality, value, impact
We create initiatives that pool member resources
We allocate member capital to their own specific targets
Support members across business endeavors and lifecycles

Directory Services
Annual fee
Unique page
Promote Product / Service / Bio
We build and maintain
Highly curated
Use to tell a story
Apply to list
Provide some additional benefits
First in line for membership??

Longer list of thoughts on community?
Bridge the gaps
Between challenge and achievement
Between trust and transaction
Build better assets
Tackle global issues
Zero equity partner
Unbiased advice
Dedicated resources
Advice on unlimited matters
Resources for any endeavor
Connections to people and deals
Challenges to improve quality, value, impact
Initiatives pooled capital, specific goals
Business development
Carefully selected resources
Zero ads, zero upselling
Insights and ideas, curated
For business leaders
Original thinking, trusted expertise
Whatever it takes
Chief Experience Officers
Blank slate for… (profit and progress)
Results based expertise, deliverables
Source and procure deliverables
Small, medium, large endeavors
Finding and facilitating (fill in the blank)
Deal flow, personal interactions, new opps
Customized to member specific situations
Fully customized deliverables
Pooled capital resources
Improve quality of investments
Improve value of deliverables
Improve impact in the market
Work on key global issues
Test, adjust, and optimize ideas to scale
Achieve better outcomes
Adhere to a core set of principles
Curated deliverables
No fees to promote partners
No ads or sponsors
No affiliate commissions
Goal: global network
Business is the lifeblood of progress
Endless cycle of investments and deliverables
Master the fundamentals
Re-allocate capital at scale
Adjust to market changes
Capital risk and renewal
Zero Equity Partner
Chief Experience Officer
Profit and Progress
Build better assets
Tackle global challenges
weekly email report to all members
weekly email specific to each member
1-3 requests per quarter (no rollovers)
must accept challenges issued to you
we may reject any request we want
extra fees may apply on deliverables
3rd party products/services at cost
dedicated advice, resource, connections

Chief Experience Officers = allocating capital, finding and facilitating opportunities, and act as general point of contact for member requests. There are always gaps in every organization. We help bridge them.

Capital Allocation
Capital allocation = curated advice, resources, connections placed toward and an end goal… tested, adjusted, optimized for best results possible.

Are we pooling capital? Are we providing a service? Are we providing an experience? What’s the simplest of all? An open space. A blank slate. A marketplace? A platform? Consulting?

Revenue Stability
Revenue Growth
Profit Growth
Margin Expansion
Book Value Growth
CapEx Control
Talent Development
Brand Development
Website Utilization
Social Engagement
Customer Service
Logistics and Distribution
Quality Control
Benefits Planning
Executive Wealth Planning
Supply Chain Management
Financial Reporting
Capital Introductions
Systems (Policies, Procedures, Process)
Accounting Systems
Cost Control
Legal Compliance
Risk Management
Relationship Management (i.e. Community)
Core Vision and Direction
Startup Support
Organizational Transformation