The one thing is building relationships.

In business, the only way to get your offering into the market is by selling. Everyone has a job because of businesses that bring in revenue by selling products or services. Either, you work on the front lines of sales with a direct correlation of what you do and the financial performance or you support the people that impact top line sales. Even if you’re in government, where do you think that money comes from? Companies fund government by directly paying taxes and indirectly through employing a workforce who pays taxes. Again, they can’t hire or pay taxes if they don’t have sales.

And, the one thing that creates sales is relationships. Even with online selling, the landing pages that sell the most unknown product do so because over the course of you reading, watching, and listening, the marketer builds a relationship with you – however thin it may be. It may be through freemium offers first, creating a series of relationship building emails or offers to throw at you over time, but the story stays the same.

Business is about relationships. If you own an Apple product, especially an iPhone, you have a daily relationship with that device. and company. They’ve built a relationship with you over time by initially offering something that was truly different and that got your attention. Over time the products became too useful not to use, and today the value given is simply too great to ignore.

Question is how do you build relationships?

Do you post great social content, Instagram photos, tweets, likes, comments, thumbs-upping, etc.? Do you email, call, network, knock on doors, DM, etc.? Whatever you do, your relationships will determine your success.

They don’t even have to be deep relationships. There’s no way Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk has deep relationships with many of their clients/customers. It’s just not possible at scale.

That said, technology has made it easier than ever to build relationships with anyone on the planet, given enough time, persistence, and the right message. The hidden ingredient is action. Building relationships is a contact sport that should be a part of anyone’s day who wants to achieve more.

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