Thermal Coal

Thermal Coal

Thermal Coal Jonathan Poland

The thermal coal industry is a segment of the overall coal industry that is focused on the production and use of coal for heat and power generation. Thermal coal is typically used in power plants to generate electricity, and is also used in a variety of industrial processes that require heat.

The thermal coal industry is an important part of many national economies around the world, as coal is a relatively inexpensive and widely available source of energy. However, the industry has faced increasing pressure in recent years due to concerns about the environmental impact of burning coal, as well as competition from other sources of energy such as natural gas and renewable sources such as wind and solar.

As a result, the demand for thermal coal has been declining in many parts of the world, and the industry has had to adapt to this changing market environment. This has led to a focus on increasing the efficiency of coal-fired power plants, as well as on developing technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of coal use.

Industry’s Top Companies:

  • Peabody Energy
  • Alliance Resource Partners
  • Arch Resources
  • CONSOL Energy
  • Natural Resource Partners

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