Capital allocation starts with maximizing productivity by focusing on what matters and delegating as much as possible. The culture of your business will likely dictate the type of meetings and even the regularity, but here are some rules to help.

  1. Schedule all meetings, no pop-ups
  2. Focus only on key impact areas
  3. Get organized around priorities
  4. Plan time to task allocation
  5. Do important tasks first
  6. Ask: can I ignore this?

What matters in business is profitably generating sales for as long as possible. All things being equal the leader who allocates capital the best wins. Time is the most precious of all capital resources.

The bottom line: Remember the 80/20 rule and spend 80 percent of your time on work that brings in or supports sales, and only 20 percent on everything else. This can be confusing today considering many businesses are still spending money on areas that simply don’t matter as much or using strategies and tactics that are no longer going to work.

The Bottom Line: Investing in equities generally produces better results than any other major asset class.

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