Value Adds

Value Adds

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Adding value is really nothing more than value giving because there should be nothing asked in return.

That’s a hard concept for most people to wrap their head around. Me too at times, especially because unlike many many many “value adds” touted, my company operates and is paid by members only. In the upcoming quarters I will be putting out public content and building out a public side of the business – all without ads, sponsors, commissions, etc. I’m not sure what value adds to give, but I hope that they actually do “add value” and don’t just stand there looking stupid.

What can add value for business owners?
Here are some of my ideas so far.

  • Analysis of public businesses
  • Commentary on business news, events
  • Expertise from local business owners
  • Stories about local businesses
  • Discounts from suppliers
  • Directory of B2B experts
  • Curated information, content