What I Do

I run a business development service called Key Bridge… where I help business leaders allocate capital to improve the quality of their investments, value of their deliverables, and impact in the market. To do that we focus on 8 core areas and a simple framework to test, adjust, and optimize results.

More importantly, we operate as a membership so there is more value than just a basic client provider relationship permits. Also, the fees are straightforward. One time fee to join, small (micro-consulting) fees to work on unlimited business matters, and incentive fees (e.g. value added results) if we get hands on with allocation.

In other words, I mainly work with business leaders to provide different ideas, insights, resources, and connections to achieve some result. The overall goal is to help them build better assets and allowing others to bring ideas to the table and just picking the best ones and ways to implement, curating the best to be the best… so to speak. And, doing it as a zero equity partner… if you will.

Long-term, my dream would be to have a lot of residences in major cities around the world to be able to work with members and do go in those local communities through a network of chief experience officers (CXOs) employed by KB, maybe build projects like Kickstarter for business purposes members would benefit from.

That’s the idea anyway. Long road ahead.