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WW International, Inc. (WW) is a global provider of weight management products and services, offering a variety of nutritional, activity, behavioral, and lifestyle tools and solutions. The company delivers multiple digital subscription products for wellness and weight management, featuring interactive, personalized resources that enable users to follow its weight management program via its app and web-based platform. These offerings include personal coaching and digital products and foster a supportive community for members to share their weight loss and management experiences.

Additionally, WW International offers a range of consumer goods, such as bars, snacks, cookbooks, and kitchen tools. The company also licenses its trademarks and intellectual property for use in food, beverages, and related consumer products and services, while providing publishing services. Products are available through e-commerce platforms and partner channels.  Previously known as Weight Watchers International, Inc., the company rebranded as WW International, Inc. in September 2019. Established in 1961, WW International is headquartered in New York, New York.

as of April 11, 2023
Goldman upgraded the stock today based on a deal Weight Watchers made with Sequence, a Telehealth provider. WW will begin to offer a pharmaceutical based clinical subscription service that it can integrate with its legacy behavioral based weight management offering. That said, Weekend Health Inc. (Sequence) is 2 years old (I think?) and has over $25 million in revenue. Though WW generates over $1 billion in annual revenue, this bolt on acquisition could mean it finally starts growing again. Goldman puts a $13 price target and it’s up 60% today to $6.75. Personally, I think this company cannot actually create permanent value. The stock seemed to be a pump and dump scam back in 2015 – 2019 when it went from $10 to $100 on the back of Oprah buying stock. Until this deal with Sequence, the stock was off 90%. Don’t know that this one is a 10 bagger and with sales and profit contracting, WW is more dead weight going into a possible recession.

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