Brand Implementation

Brand Implementation

Brand Implementation Jonathan Poland

Brand implementation involves the use of project management techniques to plan and execute brand strategy. It is the practical application of brand strategy, and involves the rollout of new brands, rebranding efforts, and marketing campaigns in a structured and organized manner. While the development of brand strategy is often seen as the creative or “magical” aspect of marketing, brand implementation is the logical and systematic side that ensures the successful execution of that strategy. Brand implementation may touch on a number of areas including:

Business Alignment
Achieving buy-in amongst business units for the strategy.

Engaging distribution partners.

Visual Branding
Visual branding of things like uniforms, locations, information, web sites, media, business cards, vehicles, marketing collaterals, architecture and interiors.

Communicating information such as a mission statement in a compelling way.

Advertising & Promotion
Generating brand awareness.

Product Design
Designing and launching products.

Customer Experience
Implementing the intangible elements of the brand such as customer service.

The design of locations such as retail locations, restaurants or showrooms including visual merchandising.

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