My Story…

Long story short, I was a three sport letter athlete in high school, studied computer science in college, and after my technology startup failed, I went into finance. That was the summer of 2001. Since then, I’ve spent more than two decades analyzing and forecasting complex assets at the highest level of the economy – deals in public and private equity, real estate, and commodity markets.

At first, I managed money and then as the internet become prominent moved into helping DIY investors outperform the stock market (view results) and I wrote a book about it a few years back. Download it here. And now, I use the key insights to work with business leaders across a range of industries in the pursuit of profit and progress @thekeybridge. More importantly, throughout this journey I’ve develop a unique view into what works when it comes to generating peak business and financial performance, and the results speak for themselves.

Business, investing, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and life are all things that I hope to touch on through this blog. I’ve started and stopped many times in the past as writing is something more of a hobby, even if I did it exclusively for more than a decade with my newsletters, published articles, and books. To be fair, I like writing, I don’t like people reading it. That said, let’s give it another try. Maybe this time it’ll stick.

Read my past thinking on medium, and over 500 investment articles on gurufocus which have also been picked up by Forbes, Fortune, Yahoo, et al.