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Building Better Assets…

I’ve spent the last 15 years analyzing and forecasting the world’s leading investments, picking winners from losers across the capital markets. My best ideas have outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 20 to 1. To put that into perspective for you, if we had met back in 2002 and I could have convinced you to follow my advice, today you’d have made over 60x on your money.

I started my career in finance August 2001, earned my way by making 300 to 400 calls a day, building a book of business one account at a time. Over time, I was advising key decision makers from corporate executives to small business owners to wealthy retirees. In that time, I’ve developed a unique view on what drives top performance.

Business ownership remains the most lucrative way to create wealth (just ask Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg) and within most there is almost always a disconnect between where capital is currently allocated and where its most productive uses lie. Big companies are able to course correct quickly, while smaller organizations sometimes never notice their mistakes.

What I do best is synthesize data into models for better capital allocation. Today, I turn the strategies and best practices of top money managers, consultants, and corporate executives, into models that drive profit and progress.

If you want to consistently make money in the stock market, follow JP’s research.
Kyle H. Morgan Stanley

What I Believe…

Business is the lifeblood of progress, an endless cycle of investments and deliverables, where success is created by mastering the fundamentals, reallocating capital at scale, and adjusting to market changes. Capitalists are the driving force. First, taking risks to bring goods and services to market and then giving back through taxes, charity, and consumption.

cap·i·tal·ist noun
Anyone who invests time, money, and/or resources for the potential of greater economic rewards either in a business or personal capacity.

While no system is perfect, before the advent of capitalism, social status was generally fixed from the beginning to the end of a person’s life, with almost no way of changing it. In modern society, private ownership of production along with the incentive of profit and loss serve the market, not a hierarchy, thus ensuring a growing supply of useful products for all.

Profit drives progress, but the business world doesn’t function in a vacuum. Instead, people come together around common goals to collectively tackle specific problems. After more than 40,000 hours of work in the capital markets, I could give you the hype and sizzle of what’s possible if you follow my advice, but it’s better to show and prove.

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One or two years and it could be a fluke, but JP’s been crushing it for north of 20 years, even before he started publishing to the general public.
Jonathan J. Aflac

Business wasn’t always my passion…

I grew up in the south and have lived Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and Florida before moving to DC. My father was a sales engineer for Ingersoll Rand and was tasked with entering a territory with no resources and generate business, so that’s what he did, and he was very successful doing so, but it meant moving his family around. My mother is a librarian, always has been, and I’ve always admired her for doing what she loved her whole life.

From my dad, I learned the skills to meet anyone and build relationships from scratch. From my mom, I learned empathy and to have fun in what you do. My first love was sports and as a kid, I played everything, and would practice hours upon hours every day, which only reinforced the hard work around doing what I love. It also set up my philosophy of modeling the best to get better. I’d watch Michael Jordan and try the fadeaway shot. I’d see Roberto Baggio or Romario on the pitch and try their moves. I’d see Nolan Ryan on the mound and do exactly what he did.

Then, in 2001 I moved from North Georgia to south Florida to take a trainee job at a small Broker-Dealer. By November, I had passed my series 7/63 licensing exams, and by the following March I was starting to open accounts and build my own book of business. Just like I did as a kid, the question became, who is the best investor I can model? That led me to Warren Buffett, and learning and applying the methodologies of him and other great value investors has brought me to this point in my life, where I feel that the snowball is just now picking up steam. This is just the start of my story…

Thank You!
Jonathan Poland

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