about me

This is my journey.
Here’s the story so far…

Born ♓ and raised in the south, moved across 3 states, 2 major cities, and 6 schools in 18 years. Three sport 🏀 🎾 🏌 letter athlete in high school, studied computer science in college, and went into finance summer of 2001.

By November, I was a series 7 licensed broker making 300+ 📞 cold calls a day, finding and pitching deals to HNW investors, and spending nights learning strategies and best practices of top money managers.

Got really good at finding the right stocks and writing reports. Built positions in NXTL, WMB, AAPL, and CHKP. However, it didn’t take long to become disenchanted with industry norms (IYKYK) and after Hurricane Wilma destroyed my office 🏢 decided to start a research service for DIY investors. This was well before newsletters were in vogue.

Spent the next decade picking winners across the capital markets and managing private assets for a select group of clients. By 2015, I had begun working more with entrepreneurs and executives – turning investment strategies into models for better business development.

From 2002 to 2018, my research handily outperformed the S&P 500 with close to 75% accuracy. Subscribers included affluent investors and financial professionals with total assets under management reaching into the billions.

During that run, I helped to create and write the premium newsletter at GuruFocus and have since published over 600 📝 articles, many seen on major financial news sites. Along the way, coached 20+ executives, 2 from the Fortune 1000, and wrote a book 📖 on better investing.

In 2018, I decided to close my trade alert service in order to start a a new service focused on business development, designed mostly for SMEs. Then my grandmother passed, the Covid-19 pandemic happened, my wife gave birth our first child – all in successive years. To say the least my life changed.

Today, as of March 2024, I am having a lot of fun being a dad, ready to play more golf in the year to come and continue to build out Key Bridge. Work with me here… or access my content database here.



Personal Stuff

  • Scratch golfer when playing regularly
  • Big fan of English football, $MANU
  • Had a ~40” vertical in college, can probably still dunk
  • Love music; find me dancing making pancakes on the weekend
  • Avid (albeit average) chess player

Content Database

Search over 1,000 posts on topics across
business, finance, and capital markets.

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