My Story

After the voice applications company I started in college failed, I packed up my little apartment and moved from Atlanta, GA to South Florida for a job in finance. It was days before my mother’s birthday in August 2001 – she was pissed. A few months later, I began my professional career as a licensed stockbroker – she got over me leaving.

The very next year, I was picking stocks for other brokers, which led to publishing reports for clients, then the public. Fast forward 15 years and my premium research has documented over 6,300% in total gains beating the S&P 500 by more than 30 to 1 with stocks in companies like Nextel, Apple, Tyco, AutoNation, Budweiser, Aflac, Jos A. Bank, Bank of America, American Express, Citrix, MetroPCS, Goldman Sachs, Whirlpool, Carlyle, and many others that you might not have known. (Here’s the full list)

To put that into perspective, if we would have met in 2002 (less than a year after I got my series 7) and I could have convinced you to follow my picks, today you’d have more than 60x the money. Not bad for growth, I’m sure you can agree.

After cutting my teeth through 12 hour days making 300+ cold calls, refining both my sales and investment analysis skills, and developing a northern accent, I eventually started to raise and manage money, which led to advising executives on business strategy and tactical execution.

Since that time, I’ve analyzed more than 15,000 deals across public and equity, real estate, and commodity markets. More importantly, this experience has allowed me to develop a unique view into what works when it comes to generating peak business and financial performance, and the results speak for themselves.

Once I understood how to find the right stock investments, I was able to reverse engineer what made successful companies more valuable and use the key distinctions to generate faster growth in sales, profit, and market value. At its essence, business is an endless cycle of investments and deliverables where success is built by improving quality across iterations, allocating capital at increased levels, and adjusting to changes in the marketplace. It also became a lot easier to think about other assets in terms of risk reward. Today, after nearly two decades of success, I feel like I’m really just getting started.

What I Believe

Business is the lifeblood of progress and capitalists (e.g. business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, employees.) are the driving force, benefiting society twice. First, by bringing new and useful products and services to market, then by giving back through taxes, consumption, and charity.

cap • i • tal • ist | noun
Anyone who invests time, money, and/or resources for the potential of greater economic rewards namely from the ownership of assets.

cap • i • tal • ism | noun
An economic system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which assets are privately owned. 

Without this cycle of investments and deliverables, problems and solutions, the quality of life we enjoy today would be greatly diminished. In fact, the successful functioning of society depends largely on the private ownership of assets within the profit motivated competition driven economic system known as capitalism.

The term may have been distorted from its original purpose, even perverted by governments and large corporations. However, before the advent of capitalism, social status was essentially fixed from the beginning to the end of a person’s life, with essentially no way of changing it. Today, many who start from humble beginnings rise to great heights.

To me, being a capitalist means striving for higher levels of freedom – first for yourself, and then for others.

The Newsletter

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Performance Results

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