Customer Needs

Customer Needs

Customer Needs Jonathan Poland

Customer needs are the factors that make a product or service valuable to a customer. These needs can be functional, such as the ability of a restaurant to provide food and drink, or they can be more subjective, such as a customer’s preference for food that tastes good or an environment that feels safe and clean. Customer needs are important to understand because they determine the value that a product or service provides to the customer. By identifying and addressing customer needs, companies can create products and services that are more appealing and relevant to their target audience. This can help to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. The following are common examples of customer needs.

Accessibility Accuracy & Precision
Ambience Availability
Capacity Certainty
Cleanliness Color
Comfort Compatibility
Competence Configurability
Consistency Convenience
Country of Origin Cultural Needs
Diligent Service Durability
Ease of Assembly Ease of Purchase
Efficiency Entertainment
Epic Meaning Ethical Concerns
Fast Service Features
Fit for Purpose Flexibility
Formulations Friendly Service
Functions Health & Wellness
Information Ingredients
Language Legal Terms
Location Look & Feel
Maintainability Materials
Package Sizes Package Usability
Peak Experiences Performance
Price Privacy
Product Information Product Refinement
Product Usability Quality
Quantity Relaxation
Reliability Request Turnaround Time
Respect Reusability
Risk Reduction Safety
Security Sense & Sensation
Shape & Form Sizes
Smell & Lack of Smell Social Interaction
Social Status Stability
Standards Compliance Style
Sustainability Taste
Texture Trust
Uniqueness Variety

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