Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing Jonathan Poland

Mass marketing, also known as mass media marketing, refers to a marketing strategy that involves using a single marketing message to reach a large and diverse audience. This approach is often used when a business wants to reach a broad market and promote a general product or service that has wide appeal.

Mass marketing typically involves the use of mass media channels such as television, radio, and print to deliver the marketing message. These channels allow businesses to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, making mass marketing an effective approach for reaching a broad market.

One of the main advantages of mass marketing is its reach. By using mass media channels, businesses can reach a large and diverse audience, making it a suitable strategy for promoting products or services that have broad appeal. Additionally, mass marketing can be cost-effective, as it allows businesses to reach a large audience with a single marketing message, rather than having to create customized marketing efforts for different segments of the market.

However, mass marketing also has some limitations. It can be less effective for targeting specific segments of the market, as it is difficult to tailor a single marketing message to the needs and preferences of different groups. Additionally, mass marketing can be less personal and less effective at building relationships with customers.

Overall, mass marketing is a suitable approach for businesses that want to reach a large and diverse audience quickly and efficiently. While it has its limitations, it can be an effective strategy for promoting products or services that have broad appeal. The following are common elements of mass marketing.

Product Development

Mass marketing is associated with general purpose products that appeal to a broad customer base. Alternatively, a firm may have a broad range of specialized products such as a sporting goods company that produces equipment for dozens of sports.


Designs that are intended to be highly accessible. For example, user interfaces that are stripped down to extremely basic controls with advanced features absent or deeply buried.


Pricing with affordable options for a broad customer base. Potential for price discrimination such as an airline that sells both economy and first class seats.


Broadcasting mediums such as television and radio are traditionally associated with mass marketing as they may reach a wide audience. Mass marketing may also used digital advertising with a focus on reach as opposed to targeting.


Mass marketing is associated with strong brands that advertise to build and sustain brand awareness and identity. For example, advertising may do nothing more than associate a positive emotion or idea with the brand.

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