Beautiful Words

Beautiful Words

Beautiful Words Jonathan Poland

Beautiful words are words that have a mysterious, wondrous, or charming quality. They can also have a dark or conflicted meaning. Beautiful words are often unusual and not commonly used, which helps to avoid cliches. In some cases, these words are considered important to a particular culture because they capture something essential about the human experience. Overall, beautiful words can help us to express and appreciate the beauty and complexity of life. By using these words, we can enrich our communication and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Here are 75+ Beautiful Words:

Mellifluous – musical; pleasant sound
Unaffected – authentic and not easy to influence
Evanescent – quickly fading
Saudade – longing, melancholy or nostalgia (Portuguese)
Demure – reserved or shy
Melancholy – gentle sadness that feels deep
Meteoric – resembling a meteor in intensity
Diaphanous – light and delicate
Cacophony – a discordant mixture of sounds
Yugen – mysterious wonder (Japanese)
Ethereal – too perfect for this world
Pyrrhic – a false victory that comes at a great cost
Lyrical – an imaginative expression
Halcyon – a period of time that is idyllic and peaceful
Memoria – memory (Latin)
Nefelibata – daydreamer (Portuguese)
Komorebi – sunlight filtering through trees (Japanese)
Sonrisa – smile (Spanish)
Deft – skilled
Sprezzatura – effortless elegance (Italian)
Meliora – better things (Latin)
Atonement -reparation for a wrong
Labyrinthine – irregular, intricate and confusing
Woolgather – engages in daydreaming
Singular – one of a kind
Resonant – deep, clear and prolonged
Ikigai – life purpose (Japanese)
Eloquence – simple sophistication
Mercy – compassion and forgiveness where you have power over
Ineffable – that which can’t be expressed with words
Figurati – imagine; don’t worry (Italian)
Exquisite – beautiful and delicate
Dauntless – fearless determination
Aquiver – trembling
Sumptuous – luxurious
Nostalgia – a longing for the past
Muse – a person who inspires art
Redemption – the transition from bad to good
Eonia – eternity (Greek)
Humanity – human beings and their works
Caprice – a sudden change in mood
Raconteur – a skillful storyteller
Bliss – perfect happiness
Angst – fear that life is meaningless
Refined – cultured and self-composed
Petrichor – a pleasant smell caused by rain on a dry surface
Elation – great happiness
Astral – resembling the stars
Charisma – compelling charm
Grace – beautiful goodwill
Hiraeth – longing for home (Welsh)
Invicta – undefeated or unconquered (Latin)
Sublime – greatness worthy of awe
Crimson – a deep vivid red
Carpe Diem – seize the day (Latin)
Wanderlust – a desire to travel
Lacuna – unfilled space
Elixir – magical potion
Vellichor – the strange melancholy of used bookstores
Striking – attracting attention
Aloha – love and fellowship (Hawaiian)
Resfeber – mixed feelings of fear and excitement (Swedish)
Natsukashii – nostalgia for the past (Japanese)
Ephemeral – lasting a short time
Beguile – to charm
Plethora – large amount
Surreptitious – secret or stealthy
Catharsis – a sudden release from negativity
Solitude – alone
Ebullience – cheerful and energetic
Dulcet – sweet sound
Axiom – a true statement
Wistfulness – gentle sadness
Adamo – fall in love (Latin)
Sonder – special (German)
Goya – suspension of disbelief (Urdu)
Quintessential – perfect example of something
Mahalo – thank you (Hawaiian)
Sonorous – an impossibly deep sound
Nemesis – bitter rival
Charming – delightful personality
Silhouette – outline of a figure
Aurora – northern or southern lights
Compassion – empathy for others
Chuchoter – whisper (French)
Unearthly – exceptional or mysterious
Pensive – deep reflective thought
Éclatant – sparkling (French)
Toska – melancholic angst (Russian)
Humanitas – civilization; kindness (Latin)

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