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Overchoice Jonathan Poland


Overchoice, also known as the “paradox of choice,” is a phenomenon in…

Magical Thinking Jonathan Poland

Magical Thinking

Introduction to Magical Thinking Magical thinking is a type of irrational belief…

Bias for Action Jonathan Poland

Bias for Action

Bias for action is a mindset or approach that emphasizes the importance…

Good Failure Jonathan Poland

Good Failure

Good failure, also known as productive failure, refers to the idea that…

Employability Jonathan Poland


Employability refers to the value that an employee brings to an employer.…

Reputational Risk Jonathan Poland

Reputational Risk

Reputational risk refers to the potential for damage to an organization’s reputation…

What is a Turnaround Strategy? Jonathan Poland

What is a Turnaround Strategy?

A turnaround strategy is a business plan that is implemented when a…

Implementation Risk Jonathan Poland

Implementation Risk

Implementation risk refers to the potential negative consequences that a business may…