My name is Jonathan
Welcome to my journey…

20+ years analyzing and forecasting complex assets across the capital markets – deals in public and private equity, real estate, and commodity markets. It started with managing money for HNW clients and then as the internet become prominent, moving on to help DIY investors outperform the S&P 500 and then advising business leaders around the world. Currently, I’m building a private membership dedicated to the pursuit of profit and progress.

Business is the lifeblood

of progress and you’re

the driving force.

It started with nearly two decades of work building a skill for business analysis and development as well as a track record for picking winners from losers at the highest level of the economy. Over time, working with business leaders became my main focus, which is why I started Key Bridge.

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Published premium

investment research

from 2002 – 2017.

Also, created and wrote premium
newsletter for

Also, sold research to brokers at
Merrill, Morgan, Goldman, etc.

Created a guide to

finding and buying

the right stocks.

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Wrote over 500

stock articles.

As seen on Forbes, Fortune,
Yahoo, CNBC, Morningstar,
SeekingAlpha, et al.

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