Business Services

Business Services

Business Services Jonathan Poland

Business services are a type of service that is primarily provided to businesses and organizations, rather than to individual consumers. These services are typically intangible, meaning that they do not have a physical form, but rather consist of expertise, knowledge, or other intangible resources. The business services industry is a large and diverse sector, comprising a wide range of companies and organizations that offer a wide range of services to businesses and other organizations. Business services are typically provided through a business model in which the service provider is paid for the value that it provides to its customers.

Computing services such as a cloud infrastructure platform.

Networks & Communications
Telecommunications such as an internet connection.

Management services such as a facility management service.

Software services such as a cloud-based sales automation platform.

Professional Services
Professional services such as legal or financial advice.

Work as a service. For example, an IT consultant who develops software for a firm based on a contract.

Training services such as onsite defensive computing training.

Financial services such as a bond issuance.

Insurance services for businesses such as workers compensation insurance.

Business travel such as a business class flight.

Event services such as an industry conference.

Food services that target business customers such as a catering service.

Marketing services including advertising, promotion and sales outsourcing.

Research such as competitive intelligence.

Media services such as video production for a corporate message.

Distribution services such as an import/export service in a foreign market.

Supply related services such as a business-to-business ecommerce site for ordering office supplies.

Printing & Prototyping
Production of small runs of things such as a product prototype.

Production services such as a contract manufacturer.

Engineering services such as a firm that tests electronics products for standards compliance.

Design services such as a graphics design firm that produces logos, signs, packaging, publications and web graphics for business customers.

Utility services such as a solar panel installer that charges commercial customers based on power consumption.

Real Estate
Real estate services such as office and retail space.

Quality of Life
Services related to employee quality of life such as medical, daycare and fitness services.

Logistics services such as a warehouse or transportation service.

Waste Management
Waste management such as recycling of cardboard.

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