Electrical Equipment & Parts

The Electrical Equipment and Parts industry consists of companies that design, manufacture, and sell a wide variety of electrical components, devices, and systems used in diverse applications across sectors like residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities. Key product categories include transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, wiring devices, and power distribution equipment. The industry’s growth is driven by factors such as increasing electrification, urbanization, infrastructure development, and technological advancements in areas like renewable energy and smart grid solutions. Market players range from large multinational corporations to smaller specialized manufacturers, competing on aspects like product quality, innovation, and pricing. The industry is also influenced by economic cycles, regulatory policies, and the need to develop energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving demands of their clients and comply with environmental standards.

Top Companies
  • Hubbell
  • Plug Power
  • nVent Electric
  • Acuity Brands
  • Vertiv Holdings
  • Bloom Energy
  • Belden
  • Advanced Energy Industries
  • Badger Meter
  • EnerSys
  • Encore Wire
  • Energizer Holdings
  • Hayward Holdings
  • FuelCell
  • Enovix

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