Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication industry includes companies that produce and sell a wide range of products and services related to the fabrication of metal parts and components. Companies that form, stamp, or fabricate metals into products via cutting, bending, and assembling basic metals into final products. The industry is characterized by a diverse range of products and services, with companies often specializing in specific areas of metal fabrication. It is an important contributor to the global economy, providing the tools and machinery necessary for businesses and industries to produce a wide range of metal products and components.

The metal fabrication process begins with the cutting and shaping of raw metal into the desired shape and size. This can be done using a variety of tools and equipment, such as saws, shears, and presses. The next step is to join the metal pieces together using processes such as welding, brazing, or soldering. Finally, the finished product or component is often treated with various coatings or finishes to improve its appearance, durability, or other properties. The exact steps involved in the metal fabrication process can vary depending on the specific products being produced and the materials being used. The industry is competitive, with companies constantly seeking to innovate and improve their processes and products in order to remain competitive.

Top Companies
  • Valmont Industries
  • ATI
  • Mueller Industries
  • ESAB Corporation
  • Arconic Corporation
  • Carpenter Technology
  • Ryerson Holding
  • Proto Labs
  • Haynes International
  • Insteel Industries

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