Thermal Coal

The Thermal Coal industry is a significant segment of the global energy sector, primarily focused on the mining, processing, and distribution of thermal coal, also known as steam coal. Thermal coal is a type of coal primarily used for electricity generation in coal-fired power plants due to its high energy content and relatively low cost compared to other energy sources.

Key activities in the Thermal Coal industry include:

  1. Exploration: Identifying and assessing coal deposits through geological surveys and other methods to determine their size, quality, and economic feasibility.
  2. Mining: Extracting thermal coal from underground or surface mines using various techniques, including underground mining, open-pit mining, and mountaintop removal.
  3. Processing: Cleaning and preparing coal for transportation and sale by removing impurities, such as rock, ash, and sulfur, to enhance its energy content and reduce emissions when burned.
  4. Transportation & Distribution: Moving thermal coal from mines to power plants or export terminals via rail, truck, barge, or ship, and selling it to domestic and international customers, primarily utilities and industrial consumers.
Top Companies
  • Peabody Energy Corporation
  • Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
  • CONSOL Energy Inc.
  • Natural Resource Partners L.P.

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